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NOTE: These prototypes are interactive. Click or tap the designs to explore the app! (For example: Sign in!)

Recipe Finder for Picky Eaters


I'll freely admit that I'm a picky eater. However, I'm a picky eater that loves trying out new recipes! My goal for this project was to design a mobile app specifically geared towards picky eaters who enjoy cooking. That's where PIKKIE comes in.

This app creates a space for young adults that want to try new recipes while avoiding certain ingredients. Keeping that audience in mind, the brand and design maintains a modern appeal with a techy color palette. Perfect for picky eaters or someone with a food allergy, the attracting feature of this app would be searching recipes with the option to select specific ingredients to avoid. For example, I can't stand onions. If I made a search on this app for a recipe, I would select “Onions” under an “Ingredients to Avoid” category, and the search would show me recipes without onions.

Featuring the option to discover new recipes, save/favorite recipes, and explore chefs, PIKKIE also builds custom flavor profiles to help individuals find recipes perfect for them. Explore the Figma prototype and have fun!

User Interface Design

Interactive Application Prototypes

A Friendly Hydration App

The goal of this project was to design an application intended to keep users hydrated. I wanted to create a fun, playful version (something that I would use!) and came up with the idea of the Plant Buddies. This application features a fun, interactive way to stay hydrated: making sure you water your Plant Buddy! Because who wouldn't want to drink water for their Plant Buddy?

Instead of venturing into hydration alone, the user is greeted by some adorable plant friends. In the app, they are able to customize their plant and its pot. The style of the app incorporates blue waves to carry a water-like feel that encourages drinking water.

The user is able to add amounts of water consumed that day and even earn rewards for staying hydrated.

This application was designed and prototyped using a combination of Adobe Illustrator and Figma. Check it out and explore the app!

An App to Feature Projects


The goal of this project was to design an application for a design portfolio. I applied my brand's current color palette and style at the time, carrying a straightforward approach to the app.

The user is able to scroll down and select a category, and then is taken through relevant projects. The interface guides the user through them and aims to keep them on the application, suggesting additional projects to explore. This app focuses on the visual aspect of projects, featuring many images and carousels to explore.

This application was designed and prototyped in Figma. Take a look at the prototype!

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