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Combining Music, Poetry, and Design (of course)

About This Project

This project included book cover designs (front & back) as well as spread layout and illustrations inside. 

26 Contemplative Studies is a music book written by Dr. William Stowman. The concept behind this wonderful book is to combine music with poetry in a way that inspires informed musicianship.

The book contains 26 sets of song, poem, and illustration combined.

Along with this project, a website was designed for the author to sell the book.


The Designs

The cover designs feature many layers - a photo of the author's instrument, a layover of written text of the poetry inside, and colors that portray the reflective mood of the book. 


Each spread contains a poem and a song. The music and poetry is connected conceptually, and each poem has a minimalist illustration that visually represents the concept.


The purpose of the illustrations is to add another layer of understanding to the pages: audio, emotion, and visual combined into each spread.

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